Convertible Awning Skin

Convertible Awning Skin


Convertible Awning Systems are highly versatile, as they are suitable for both ground floor and upper level applications, and windows that face any direction.

When the awning is partially extended, it provides protection from overhead sun, whilst retaining a view of the outside. When the awning is fully extended, it covers the entire window and provides protection from a sun at lower angles.

Being available in different fabrics, colours and designs, Convertible Awning Systems are easy to personalise, in order for you to choose the style you like.

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Make sure to include a roller allowance* of at least 300mm.
Also include the height of the vallance (if you have chosen to have one) in the length of your fabric order.

*Roller allowance is extra fabric that is wrapped around the top of the awnung. This hides the ending of the fabric from view, giving a cleaner look. Make sure you keep this in mind when finalising the fabric measurements.

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