Federation Drop Arm Awning System

Federation Drop Arm Awning System


The Federation Awning is an evolution of the well-known drop arm awning, combining contemporary design, effective sun protection, functional aesthetics and a bold, fashionable look. Perfect for use in both homes and commercial establishments, the Federation Awning is designed and manufactured right here in Australia specifically for her conditions.

Not only is the Federation Awning very effective in blocking out the sunlight and keeping you safe from UV rays, it is also designed to let in just the right amount of
light and air to keep your interiors well-lit and airy. The superior quality and customizable fabric provide unparalleled UV protection, and gives your home or
office an elegant ‘heritage’ look.

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Make sure to include a roller allowance* of at least 300mm.
Also include the height of the vallance (if you have chosen to have one) in the length of your fabric order.

*Roller allowance is extra fabric that is wrapped around the top of the awnung. This hides the ending of the fabric from view, giving a cleaner look. Make sure you keep this in mind when finalising the fabric measurements.

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