Pivot Arm Awning System

Pivot Arm Awning System


Pivot Arm Awning Systems are the most suitable awnings for outward opening windows, as they allow air to circulate and flow through interior areas, whilst also lowering the effects of direct sunlight.

They can be operated internally or externally, which makes this system ideal for those hard to reach windows. The arms are stretched by a spring system, to a maximum inclination of 155°. This gives the awning stability in windy conditions.

When the awning is partially extended, it provides protection from overhead sun, and by fully extending the awning, complete protection from a low hanging sun can be achieved. Alternatively, during cold weather, the awning is able to be retracted, so that the warmth of the sun is able to enter the interior area.

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*Roller allowance is extra fabric that is wrapped around the top of the awnung. This hides the ending of the fabric from view, giving a cleaner look. Make sure you keep this in mind when finalising the fabric measurements.

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